SNOW.  I love snow.  I love Riding in the snow.  I love snow riding in the snow, and when it snows and theres snow on the ground and making tracks in the snow when I’m riding in the snow.  Its snowing right now.  Theres a travel advisory for the Lower Mainland stating that if you dont absolutely have to go out, then don’t.  The odds are stacked against you in this kind of weather.  I better not drive anywhere; I’ll just ride instead.

One Reply to “November”

  1. hmmm I see you like to ride in the snow.. when it snows and when you have snoy on you…  can I see some more pics of that?? and quesstion: ¿how can you do to stand -6º  for christsakes! the coldest I\’ve been is like 0… and i was already freeezing… and I\’m a  hot blooded thing.. nothing to do… haha… love summer instead! even with the dust…
    take caaare!! hope you don\’t get a cold!

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