It has finally warmed up here in the greatest riding in the universe.  After a brief seven month rainfall we can finally put the blasted umbrellas at the ready.  I remember last may, and this month feels only slightly different.  The colors are still bright and the vividness of life spins a kaleidescope of wonder for those who seek it; the warm air carrying the promise of summer and the smiling souls of friends.  But it’s the little things that count most to me, all the seemingly insignificant instances of sparkle that call us onward to newness.  Every day is unique and special, and while that may seem to many like a whimsical little fluff dream remember this: LIFE is now, and YOU"RE IN IT.  Tomorrow is a gift for everyone who gets it.  Who cares if you’re pissy, be thankful because there are those who didn’t receive a gift today.
And never will again.
I’m not one of those people yet, so today I am thankful for the gift that so many never think about.  It changes my perspective every day.
Bring the summer.

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