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July came and went, so now it is August.  We make plans to do things and stuff, and there are days and moments to come. I was bitten by a vampire on facebook.  Facebook wastes alot of time. Apparently, I have inadvertently joined a vampire army.  I hear that Facebook is the devil, but I would argue that its more like a vampire.  
Some hot days caused us some perspiratory experiences, but overall, its been a cool summer.  Riding is at its best at the moment and its hard to venture to cool locations when there are so many here on the coast.  I really had nothing to post, but I missed posting in July so I thought I would waste your time more pointlessly this month in lieu of it.  Suckers, all seven of you.
Many people think that things and stuff are something or other…  maybe they’re right, but they’d have to be more specific for me to agree.
many happy returns or exchanges for all of you.

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