Happy Holidays

there you are…
 How have you been?  That’s nice to hear, unless what you said was bad, then I would empathise if possible.
 Yet another year passes, not unlike every commuter that seems to be in such a hurry; if only they would have gotten up earlier, they wouldn’t have to put the rest of us at such risk and feel such a need to be in front of that car in front of them.  With each year we look back and say, ‘hmm, if only…’ or maybe not… who knows?  And who is to say it would have been better anyway?  I am content with my choices, how about you?  There are bigger things on the horizon; never forget that.  I remain thankful for my needs being met, and oh so many of my wants.  But that doesn’t mean the want list gets shorter.  I am like windows vista…  no matter how complete my updates, there will always be another ‘improvement’ waiting to be had.  Some will make me slower, some will even make me stop responding in a normal way, and cause others to shake their fists in my general direction, and maybe even shut me off and walk away.  Most ‘improvements’ won’t be that noticeable to others, and I won’t bother mentioning them to anyone; they probably have updates of their own, and are still downloading them.  Hang on a sec… I have to restart.  Again.
 All the best to you and yours in this new year.  Please remember all of your blessings.

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