We think of many things as constant; running water, cable TV and the rising cost of oil.  Murphy’s law, which suprisingly does not hold up well in a court of law.  Or how about weather prediction?  Yeah, the last one I heard was dead on… okay, unreliable weather prediction.  Really, it depends on where and sometimes how you look at it.  Which brings me to my point.  Constants.  Air is constant.  Life is constant.  Noisy neighbors are constant. 

 Love is constant.  It’s alot like air in that its all around us and most do not recognize it, even when it smacks us in the face.  We take it largely for granted.  Sometimes we reject it because of the feelings it brings out of us.  We try to control it.  We channel it and guide it to places we want it, and from places that it causes discomfort.  We essentially do our best to change it into something comfortable to be in, and when we do not feel comfortable we flip a switch to change it again or find another environment where its more comfortable to be in.  Sometimes we will wear protection from the offensive feelings it causes because we cannot affect its…quality… and so we create our own little environment close to ourselves.  We do not realize that often that if we just share the reality of what is around us, a few degrees this way or that can also be quite comfortable.  It’s also a constant that people all over the globe have quite different perspectives on what is comfortable for them… and what does it matter that they are different?  Its what makes life so colorful and rich.  Take a look around.  Everything fits together.  Don’t spend alot of time on the math for this; especially don’t if you are particularly adept at doing math in your head.  Somebody right now could use some of the …air…  that you are trying to change.

 My sister gave me a card this Christmas that said

“I’m smiling because you’re my brother.  I’m laughing because you cannot do anything about it.”

 Well today I’m smiling because I love you.

 Love is constant.  It is my truth and yours.

 Merry Christmas.  Let the dark clouds come, for the wind that is constant will soon be smacking their faces also.



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