Moving on

Alot of us are packrats.

Alot of us collect.

So many of us keep stuff and don’t realize it.  Stuff can be anything; birthday cards, golf cubs, an old baseball glove.  It is said that everything a person keeps has a deep emotional tie which translates into their physical environment.  Maybe I read or repeated it incorrectly, but I completely relate.

Lately I have realized how much junk I’ve been hanging on to.  It’s everywhere, and it’s almost invisible until I touch it.  Sometimes I put it in my way to remind me of something.  It works for a while until I no longer remember its purpose and either put it aside or toss it.

The other day I was so fed up with things I started a deep cleaning.  I gathered up all the erroneous items that once would have taken some kind of significance in my life.  I sorted things in terms of importance;  Important and not important.  I must say that I was suprised at how much junk I keep in terms of what little I have.  At the end of my journey I determined that almost all of what I gathered was… not important.  As a result, my house is much more calm feeling, but also much emptier.  Almost lonely.

Sometimes hanging on to garbage gives you comfort.  Sometimes garbage is just garbage.  Never get used to garbage in your life or you’ll eventually find garbage difficult to recognize.  I just took out the trash.  Theres still more, but now theres so much room for new things it makes tomorrow alot less foreboding.  It’s like I can breathe a little easier.

So long, beautiful and comforting trash.  You’ve been dismissed.


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