I only write a post when I feel led to come here.  Obviously, with life and things, (and I know you’ve been dying to ask) I do not come here often.  Perhaps that will change.

Or not.


I have had the best past year.  In short, Growing pains.  To make a short story more intelligible, Very exciting things continue to unfold in their time for me – but also for you.  Additionally,  we repeatedly become elements in the moments of others.  Let that sink in for a moment.


Someone incredible I know played a song for me one day while we were connecting.  It was about elements.  Today, I broadcast my appreciation for those elements, and all the elements in play during the course of my life.  Today I am grateful for elements.  In each of these, my moments become extraordinary; into every moment an element presents itself for appreciation.  Today, I bring my awareness to the elements among which I have become, and continue to become.  As with love, elements are always present;  they are like (and literally ARE) the bits that make up everything.  If you remove one, everything beyond the presence or absence of that element changes.


Thank you, elements.  Thank you for your timely presence.  If not for you, I would not be who I am, do what I do, or have what I have.  Let us all be open to the flow.





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