If you find yourself here on purpose, thank you for feeling so compelled. Your curiosity to that end makes you unique, and this will color my life perfectly. Besides, I really needed something to go with the other beautiful personalities on the mantle next to the cameras and the mountain bikes. If you must know something about me I encourage you to read my stupid blog already. But if you’re too lazy to snoop, I will say this:
I was born at a very young age in a town. I did some stuff and learned some things along the way, and as I grew older I realized that many years had passed. I moved to another town and did more stuff. Once again, learning ensued. During my life’s journey I picked up some skills and talents that rival the greatest minds, depending on one’s perspective of course. Take my own for example. More specifically, I came to have certain passions. These passions are reflected in words I sometimes post, and you can find such words in this here blog. 

     Yes, I have a blog. I wouldn’t say that I’m into… blogging per sey… but sometimes its nice to read what someones been up to, even if it’s not that exciting.   Again, perspective. If you dare call me a blogger though I may have to write something about you in it, and beware;  it will be truthful. Something like “so-and-so called me a blogger the other day and I couldn’t help but write about it.”

   I warned you.


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