Once A Year

So… on my BDay they asked me what I wanted and I said, "I want you to dig up the sidewalk in front of my house."
So they did.
Thank you to all who thought of me today, and thank you for all of your comments!


I chased an enormous moon again the other night, but found the northern lights instead!!  Yes,  here near the coast AND NOT UP NORTH AT ALL, though I conceed that sky fire is much more exciting where I am originally from, and aspire to capture them there… but for now, I am happy to have had the opportunity to see them from the fraser vallery at all!  Very interesting colors.. I only hope that if I see them again, that I will find a better vantage point… Happy April everyone who looks at my space…. -ctoz

Last day of March

On the last day of march, some like to take some time and reflect on the days of the past, and …
actually, its just the last day of march; its to busy to reflect!   
I squeezed a few extra shots today and thought I would post them for march instead of waiting a day. Blah blah blah, who reads these anyway? 

the month of March

The season has turned and I am looking forward to many new experiences and opportunities with the new camera, which is not so new any more.. I never thought I would take so many photographs!  I am happy to discover that my efforts have yielded many opportunities, more than I imagined..  Thanks to everyone for their support!

this month’s new photos

got held up for a bit getting these photos up but I hope you enjoy.  I have a hard time choosing sometimes!  I really love my new kit, it seems to have been creating opportunities for me, which is very nice….

A single thought

To think and to feel is what we are, and yet it is still nothing held against our very own potential; and as we are, we may grasp only the tangeable, laying ourselves waste to the ever-changing destiny that we control with and by our own ignorance.